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Identification of Carpet Fiber Types

There are a variety of fibers that are used in carpet manufacturing and the consumers may not be familiar with the difference between theses fibers and hence maintenance of the carpets is a problem. The motive behind writing this blog is to educate the customers regarding the difference between various fibers and how to maintain the carpets of different material.

There are generally three methods of carpet fiber testing:

1. Chemical Testing: This is the most reliable method of testing, but the drawback is that mostly customers may not have access to the chemicals needed to test the materials.

  • Wool: Put the fiber in a concentrated bleach solution and leave it for 5-7 minutes, if the fiber dissolve, it is wool, and anything that is left behind could be anything but wool.

  • Nylon: take the fiber and put it on Formic Acid for 2-3 minutes, if it dissolves, it is Nylon.

  • Polyester: Put the fiber in boiling solution of DMF and if it dissolves, it is Polyester.

2. Touch: The people who have a lot of experience in the carpet industry can differentiate between various fiber types by touch and feel of the fibers.

3. Fire test:

Flame test results for various fibers used in Carpets.
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